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The BEAUTE LUXE FOUNDATION, based in Kigali, Rwanda aims to provide African women in vulnerable situations with access to the hygiene that every person has the right to expect. Beaute Luxe Foundation believe that the wellness of oneself whether through hygiene or beauty can improve self-esteem and contributes to the reintegration into society.

To do this, the BEAUTE LUXE FOUNDATION provides, through its distribution programs in Africa, bags containing basic hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, shower gel, body cream, toothpaste, hairbrush, manicure set… our role is to ensure that as many African women as possible in great precariousness can obtain these products. With our teams of volunteers, we organize monthly distributions in the main towns and villages of Rwanda with a support of the French Embassy in Kigali and we hope to do so in many other African countries. Beaute Luxe Foundation also supports the reintegration of African women by offering them training and employment within our companies in Africa. The vision of the BEAUTE LUXE FOUNDATION is that all African women have daily access to hygiene and beauty through quality products, to bring them dignity, equality and respect for women’s rights.

BEAUTE LUXE FOUNDATION is audited every year by the independent control office in Rwanda : PKF International, to ensure our donors, benefactors and partners that all resources are well redistributed to charitable operations for free access to hygiene for African women.

For several years my companies have been distributing a large number of international brands of perfume, cosmetics and skincare products on the African continent. Unfortunately, I have noticed that many African women have no access to basic hygiene products. That’s why I decided to created the BEAUTE LUXE FOUNDATION in Rwanda. Together we can allow them to have access to this hygiene which is so lacking.  I am sure, that like me, this situation will not leave you insensitive… So little for us … but essential for them. Thank you for them” .

David Dayan. Founder


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